Because what is bread, really? Flour and water. The rest is love.
Los Angeles Magazine

…these are real baguettes — the kind that make you want to buy a few extra, just so you can bike home with them in your basket.
LA Weekly, Best Baguette

There’s no sign, but fans of L.A.’s best baguette (rough and pointy as a witch’s finger) don’t need one to locate this bright and lofty downtown bakery.
DETAILS Magazine

It takes nothing less than practiced precision to make something this good.
LA Weekly, L.A. Food Neighborhoods
5 Best Places to Eat in the Downtown Arts District

The devastatingly artisinal breads, pastries and nuanced eats at the Bread Lounge make every carb worth it—10-fold.

Ran Zimon’s Bread Lounge in the downtown Arts District elevates L.A.’s bakery scene.
Jewish Journal


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