About Us

The Bread

Very slightly sour, with gorgeous crumb and a crisp carapace, these are real baguettes—the kind that make you want to buy a few extra, just so you can bike home with them in your basket. 
Best Of—Voice Places, Best Baguette

All of our bread is made by hand every day with natural ingredients: flour, water, and salt. No preservatives, no artificial colorings! Our loaves and baguettes are made with a natural yeast that we grow and feed right here in the bakery. To bake bread our way—from mixing the dough, letting it rise, baking the bread, and finally pulling it fresh from the oven—takes almost 48 hours. Bread made with natural yeast is also healthier than bread made with commercial yeast ( for more information click here ) —And, of course, it tastes better!


The Bakery

Bread Lounge first opened as a wholesale business in 2010, as part of Linear City’s 7+Bridge renovation project. When owner Ran Zimon first moved into the sparse structure, he installed his little mixer, and equally little oven, and got to work. Fresh from the oven, Zimon took bags of loaves to restaurants, letting the product speak for itself. Now we deliver to chefs and restaurants all over the county who want our delicious loaves on their tables and in their stores.

But even as our wholesale business grew, Zimon never lost sight of opening a retail outlet bakery, one that was immersed in and contributed to the Arts District’s revitalization. We are part of the neighborhood. We appreciate seeing those who live or work close nearby stopping by in the morning for a cup of coffee and a pastry, or dropping in to pick up a fresh baguette for dinner.

We launched the Bread Lounge café in the spring of 2012. Now our visitors can sip coffee and enjoy a delicious croissant with our all-natural confiture, or get a carefully crafted sandwich with housemade spreads. As the Arts District transforms into one of L.A.’s most sought after neighborhoods, Bread Lounge has taken its deserved place amongst upscale restaurants, top-quality cafés, new residential buildings, artist studios, and galleries.

700 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021   |   213-327-0782